TOPIC: UI is reloading every sec. after updating to 3.2.0
1 year 5 months ago #1272
Hello together,

after updating to RapidClipse Version 3.2 it may happen that the UI is reloading again and again every second. The reason is a version conflict between the Vaadin framework version and the existing Vaadin widgetset. Normally Vaadin uses its embedded widgetset but if someone added for example a third party plugin it is necessary to compile this widgetset. After compiling a new widgetset Vaadin will no longer use its default embedded widgetset rather the the manuel compiled widgetset. It will also no longer updated by the Vaadin framework.

How to fix this:

Just use the two buttons in the toolbar "Compile Vaadin Theme" and "Compile Vaadin Widgetset" and after this open your Projekt.scss file in the theme folder. That should fix the problem.

Best regards RapidClipse Team
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1 year 4 months ago #1316
Danke wir hatten das Problem nach dem Update und das hat es behoben!
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